The fastest way to heal

PTSD, phobias, addictions

and trauma


What clients have said:

"Bob is a national treasure!"

"I had more progress in 1 session with you,

then a year of in-house therapy at the VA!"

"Lifelong fear of dogs is gone - in 1 session!"

"One session with you, Bob, was better

than 6 weeks of traditional therapy"

Bob Ross, EMT-D

* Received a United States Congressional Award for bringing a man back from the dead!

* Bachelor’s degree in Physics (4.0 in major)

* First person ever to Graduate With Distinction in Physics with a dissertation in Nuclear Physics

* One of only 3 accepted into a prestigious doctoral program at Harvard in Medical Physics (Turned it down to study at another prestigious medical school with a focus on clinical treatment of cancer)

* Ph.D. pending in Medical Physics

* Helped make one of the biggest breakthrough discoveries ever about cancer cells, 40 years ago, that resulted in a never before used treatment which has been massively successfull and used around the world (although mainly suppressed in the US)

* Discovered an unknown effect on the thyroid gland from the disease, Progressive Systemic Sclerosis (Scleroderma) , that changed the treatment protocol for patients around the world.

* Published in medical journals and is a best selling author in personal development

* Invented a technique that takes away headaches in about 30 seconds, based on eye movement.

* Comes from a long line of inventors. Grandfather was a famous research chemist and invented an alternative to chlorine. Over 150 patents in my family line.

* Was awarded the Presidential Volunteer Service Award from the President of the United States.

* Worked with the Secret Service providing medical coverage for the head of Homeland Security while he was giving a commencement speech in Los Angeles

* Pasadena Fire Department EMS Reserve Training Officer - Has volunteered for 35 years and is still on active duty

* Motion Picture & Television Set Medic (Amazing Race, American Ninja Warrior, Star Wars, SEAL Team, and many more)

* Professional trumpet player, singer & stand-up comedian

* A gifted healer, and a man of great compassion

How Fast Do You Want To Heal?

You have 2 options for your healing:

A lot of traditional therapy sessions over a long period of time

with unknown results for a lot of money


The FAST route with Bob


Here's an example:

In traditional therapy, you talk and relive your trauma (often ingraining the trauma deeper into your mind). And even if you feel heard, you most likely will not have healing

In my therapy, you don't even need to talk about it in order to get healing. And if you do choose talk about it, you will be healing as you talk

Now what sounds better to you?

Your Best One-On-One Healing Offers

Single 1-Hr Deep Healing Session

Single 1-Hour Personal Deep Healing Session

$100 discount

Normally $397.00

Now $297.00

$50 additional if in-person session in West Los Angeles

(Use Discount Code 100OFF)

Three 1-Hr Deep Healing Sessions

Three 1-Hour Personal Deep Healing Sessions

$100 discount

Normally $797.00

Now $697.00

$50/session additional if in-person session in West Los Angeles

(Use Discount Code 100OFF)

Best Deal - 3 Sessions plus Unlimited Course Access


Three 1-Hour Personal Deep Healing Sessions


The Hidden Secret To Healing Course

($1,497 Retail) To see details of learning and using The Hidden Secret Brain Technique, click here

Just $1,297.00 Total

(So you're getting the $1,497 course for just $500!)

$50/session additional if in-person session in West Los Angeles

The discount is already included in this special package

If you did the math:

6 sessions with a traditional therapist at $150 = $900


One session with Bob = $297


Use Discount Code 100OFF

for your $100 discount on the Payment Page

Then hit "Apply" to activate the discount

If you want to talk with Bob first, please call

Optimal Health & Wellness Center


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